Hiring MUCS

In recent times, MUCS has been engaged for charities, private functions, Christmas carolling, government formal events, and internationally broadcasted sport matches.

Depending on the requirements, MUCS can provide an ensemble of excellent singers and appropriate repertoire for your next functions.

If you are interested in hiring MUCS, please email our conductor.

Contact Us

If you have a question of any kind, the committee will be happy to help you out. If you are unsure who to send your query to, the secretary can forward your email to the right person.

List of Comittee Members

Position Name Email
President Chris Reynolds president@mucs.org.au
Secretary Ido Kleifeld secretary@mucs.org.au
Treasurer Mitchell Sutton treasurer@mucs.org.au
Executive President, Secretary, Treasurer exec@mucs.org.au
Concert Manager Tomas Sadauskas concerts@mucs.org.au
Librarian Grace Gallur librarian@mucs.org.au
Camp Officer Jess Pratt camp@mucs.org.au
Publicity Officer Andrew Wailes publicity@mucs.org.au
Social Secretary Phoebe Evans socsec@mucs.org.au
Immediate Past President Alex Ritter ipp@mucs.org.au
Immediate Past Treasurer Chris Reynolds ipt@mucs.org.au
Webmaster Jørgen Granseth webmaster@mucs.org.au
Conductor Andrew Wailes conductor@mucs.org.au